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Enderman Amigurumi

I made this one for my brother, who loves all things Minecraft. It is based on the Red Devil pattern but made with black (obviously).


The eyes I had to improvise and are as follows:

  • With purple magic circle 6. Join and tie off
    • You will now have 6 loops to work with
  • With pink tie on to circle (in loop 1):
    • ch 3 for height.
    • In same stitch do a triple crochet
    • In  next stitch (loop 2) triple crochet,
    • Then chain 3 and tie off in the same stitch (loop 2)
  • With pink again do the same in loops 4 and 5 of the purple.

This gives the effect of three pixel blocks pink-purple-pink. It strikes me that I should probably learn how to read those patterns that are all lines, circles and crosses for this sort of thing.


Eve Amigurumi

I seem to be on a crochet kick at the moment so here is Eve from Wall-E. Pattern is from Sukigirl and face is from The Craft Frog


Dwarf Fortress Family Portrait (Pattern)

Just a small piece I made for a Challenge over on SpriteStitch.

If you haven’t yet encountered the game Dwarf Fortress, it is the most complex world/civ simulating game around. Although the graphics are not flashy (the default is an ascii display), the complexity and depth of the game, and its somewhat twisted sense of humour, more than make up for it. The basic idea is you start with seven dwarfs, and you have to build a civilisation, or at least as much of one as you can before your inevitable demise. Never let the booze run out, and remeber: Losing is Fun!

For this small family I have used the Mayday tileset dwarfs.

 DF McUrists

df portrait