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I have started playing Ni No Kuni, and am loving it! Having never played a JRPG (or really any RPGs) before I find the level of guidance given quite useful, and the characters charming. The soundtrack is amazing and the artwork beautiful.

My official sidekick is Mr Drippy, the Lord High Lord of the Fairies.


I still need to wash, block and frame him, but I thought I would put up a pic of the finished stitching anyway.

The colours I used are DMC 3814 and 3816 for the greens, and the yellows are DMC 3822 and Sullivans (sticker over colour code) which recons it is equivalent to DMC 422. The lantern is DMC 666 for the red and DMC 720 for the yellow.





Comments on: "Mr Drippy – Ni No Kuni (Pattern)" (1)

  1. Ni no Kuni is an AMAZING game. Compared to some RPGs/JRPGs out there, I feel that Ni no Kuni really tries to expand the world map and give the main character a bit more control. It’s not like Elder Scrolls series where you have an endless world, but it does allow you to create your own path and voids away from a linear storyline through many side quests.

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