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Reddit Crochet-Along

I decided to participate in the Reddit Crochet-along. It has been interesting and sparked an interest in making squares, though as they are all different sizes I have no idea what I would do with them all.


The square daisy pattern can be found at Purple Chair Crochet. Once I had figured out the stitch naming convention (US naming), and learnt puff stitch and dctog it is fairly simple and looks quite nice.

The Eight petal flower square is from Laura Pavy. I don’t think I quite have the hang of this one, and it refuses to sit flat. Picked up a couple of new stitches such as half-double, a new triple, and spike stitch.

The Hexagonal flower is from Heidi Bears. I quite like this one, and am conisdering using it for some as-of-yet unknown future project. Having learnt spike stitch and the petal technique from the eight petal square this one was pretty simple.

Anyway once I learn a few more tricks (and find some spare time) I may start designing squares too.


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