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Mondrian Magnets (Pattern)


A little set of patterns of paintings by Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter. Each pattern is 20×20 stitches, and in my case stitched on plastic canvas.



PokeWars (Pattern)

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away Darth Marow tightens his grip on the empire crushing any spirit of rebellion. Only young Bonewalker, still wearing the last memento of his mother, can restore peace and freedom to the galaxy…


This was made as a swap gift over at Sprite Stitch. The colours I used are a mix of DMC and Sullivans, picked out by eye. Darth Marow is black and the darkest two shades of grey I could find, while Bonewalker is white and ecru with blond browns.


Pokemon Colour Swap (Pattern)


Just a little pattern swapping around the colouring for the starter pokemon Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander, and Pikachu. The colours are whatever I had lying around, a mix of DMC and Sullivans. I think I may do a set of bulbasaurs at some point, kind of like the eeveelutions, just because it is so fun to play around with.

Pokemon Colour swap pattern

PokeMaps (Pattern)

Maps of the Pokemon regions Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh based on the maps in the Pokemon Centres.



For colours I used a bright leafy green, a slightly darker jungle green, and a slightly lighter more olivy green. Water is pale blue, and borders are white and navy-ish.

Mr Drippy – Ni No Kuni (Pattern)

I have started playing Ni No Kuni, and am loving it! Having never played a JRPG (or really any RPGs) before I find the level of guidance given quite useful, and the characters charming. The soundtrack is amazing and the artwork beautiful.

My official sidekick is Mr Drippy, the Lord High Lord of the Fairies.


I still need to wash, block and frame him, but I thought I would put up a pic of the finished stitching anyway.

The colours I used are DMC 3814 and 3816 for the greens, and the yellows are DMC 3822 and Sullivans (sticker over colour code) which recons it is equivalent to DMC 422. The lantern is DMC 666 for the red and DMC 720 for the yellow.




Patterns for Reddit (Pattern)

Every now and then I try my hand at pattern requests from Reddit, so I figure easiest to have one post and update it.



Just a little pattern I knocked up after seeing a post on Reddit. It may be edited or colours changed in the future.

kraken pattern

Dwarf Fortress Family Portrait (Pattern)

Just a small piece I made for a Challenge over on SpriteStitch.

If you haven’t yet encountered the game Dwarf Fortress, it is the most complex world/civ simulating game around. Although the graphics are not flashy (the default is an ascii display), the complexity and depth of the game, and its somewhat twisted sense of humour, more than make up for it. The basic idea is you start with seven dwarfs, and you have to build a civilisation, or at least as much of one as you can before your inevitable demise. Never let the booze run out, and remeber: Losing is Fun!

For this small family I have used the Mayday tileset dwarfs.

 DF McUrists

df portrait