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Poro Amigurumi (Pattern)

Poros are small furry creatures native to the Howling Abyss map in League of Legends. Their favourite food is Poro-Snax, and they will happily follow around any summoner who feeds them.


For this pattern I used two different types of wool. The cream wool is thicker than the brown, and so I used a 4mm hook for the body. The horns and feet are made using a 3.5mm hook. If your yarns are the same thickness, and/or hooks are the same size, you may need to add an extra row of increase to the body of the Poro. In this case I recommend making the horns and legs first so you can see how the body looks.

This pattern took me quite a few hours to design. I am happy for people to use the pattern for themselves (hence releasing it for free) but please credit me if you do. Please do not sell this pattern, and please do not post the pattern directly on your blog/site/etc, but link back to my blog.

PDF of Pattern: PoroLoL_Pyper_StrangenessIsConserved


  • Brown yarn
  • White/cream yarn
  • Pink yarn
  • Buttons or similar for the eyes
  • Hook, scissors, pins and stuffing
  • Needle for sewing with yarn.


  • I join my rounds, and count the chain starting each row as a stitch.
  • If working in a spiral replace any chains with stitches
  • ch: chain
  • sc: Single crochet
  • dc: Double crochet
  • inc: 2 stitches in one base loop. sc-inc would be increase using sc
  • dec: stitch two base loops together. dc-dec would use dc

There are several different stitch naming conventions. I use sc as:

  • hook through next base loop
  • yarn over and pull through base loop
  • yarn over and pull through first loop on hook
  • yarn over and pull through both loops on hook

And dc as

  • yarn over
  • hook through next base loop
  • Yarn over and pull through first two loops on hook
  • Yarn over and pull through two remaining loops


In cream:

1.      Magic circle (ch2, sc x 5) [6]
2.     sc-inc x 6 [12]
3.     (inc, sc) x 6 [18]
4.     (inc, sc x 2) x6 [24]
5.     (inc, sc x 3) x6 [30]
6.     (inc, sc x 4) x6 [36]
7.     (inc, sc x 5) x6 [42]
8-11. sc x 48 [42]
12.   (dec, sc x5) x6 [36]
13.   sc x36 [36]
14.   (dec, sc x4) x6 [30]
15.   sc x30 [30]
16.   (dec, sc x3) x6 [24]
17.   sc x24 [24]
18.   (dec, sc x2) x6 [18]
Stuff at this point
19.   (dec, sc) x6 [12]
20.   Dec x6 [6]
Finish off



Make two

In brown:

1.       Magic circle (ch2, sc, dc x3, sc) [6]
2.       Ch2, sc, dc, dc-inc, dc, sc-inc  [8]
3-5. Ch2, sc, dc x4, sc x2 [8]
6.       Ch2, sc-inc, dc x3, dc-inc, scx2 [10]
Tie off and leave a long tail for sewing


Make four

Start with brown and change to cream:

1.       Magic circle (ch3, dc x11) [12]
2.       Sc x12 [12]
Tie off brown and change to cream
3-5. Sc x12 [12]
6.       Sc-dec x6 [6]
Tie off and flatten the feet. Leave a long tail for sewing


The tongue is somewhat optional. Most of the time a Poro will have its tongue out ready to lick up any Poro-Snax in the vicinity. I freehanded mine, and did not write down what exactly I did. I also think there is room for a lot of improvement (or felt), so I will not attempt a pattern.


Pin the horns and feet into position. Once you are happy with their placement sew them into place

The eyes for my Poro are black buttons. Again these are pinned to place them before being sewn on. I happen to like button eyes, so use any eyes you want. Other types may need to be attached differently.

If you wish to add a tongue, position it once everything else is in place and sew it on.



PokeWars (Pattern)

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away Darth Marow tightens his grip on the empire crushing any spirit of rebellion. Only young Bonewalker, still wearing the last memento of his mother, can restore peace and freedom to the galaxy…


This was made as a swap gift over at Sprite Stitch. The colours I used are a mix of DMC and Sullivans, picked out by eye. Darth Marow is black and the darkest two shades of grey I could find, while Bonewalker is white and ecru with blond browns.


Mr Drippy – Ni No Kuni (Pattern)

I have started playing Ni No Kuni, and am loving it! Having never played a JRPG (or really any RPGs) before I find the level of guidance given quite useful, and the characters charming. The soundtrack is amazing and the artwork beautiful.

My official sidekick is Mr Drippy, the Lord High Lord of the Fairies.


I still need to wash, block and frame him, but I thought I would put up a pic of the finished stitching anyway.

The colours I used are DMC 3814 and 3816 for the greens, and the yellows are DMC 3822 and Sullivans (sticker over colour code) which recons it is equivalent to DMC 422. The lantern is DMC 666 for the red and DMC 720 for the yellow.




Enderman Amigurumi

I made this one for my brother, who loves all things Minecraft. It is based on the Red Devil pattern but made with black (obviously).


The eyes I had to improvise and are as follows:

  • With purple magic circle 6. Join and tie off
    • You will now have 6 loops to work with
  • With pink tie on to circle (in loop 1):
    • ch 3 for height.
    • In same stitch do a triple crochet
    • In  next stitch (loop 2) triple crochet,
    • Then chain 3 and tie off in the same stitch (loop 2)
  • With pink again do the same in loops 4 and 5 of the purple.

This gives the effect of three pixel blocks pink-purple-pink. It strikes me that I should probably learn how to read those patterns that are all lines, circles and crosses for this sort of thing.

Dwarf Fortress Family Portrait (Pattern)

Just a small piece I made for a Challenge over on SpriteStitch.

If you haven’t yet encountered the game Dwarf Fortress, it is the most complex world/civ simulating game around. Although the graphics are not flashy (the default is an ascii display), the complexity and depth of the game, and its somewhat twisted sense of humour, more than make up for it. The basic idea is you start with seven dwarfs, and you have to build a civilisation, or at least as much of one as you can before your inevitable demise. Never let the booze run out, and remeber: Losing is Fun!

For this small family I have used the Mayday tileset dwarfs.

 DF McUrists

df portrait

Baneling Amigurumi

I absently stumbled across an adorable amigurumi baneling in my travels, and decided I had to learn to crochet. Armed with nothing but entheusiasm, some wool and a hook I dived into the World of Amigurumi. Considering it is my first ever amigurumi project, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I made it for my boyfriend’s birthday and he loves it!

The pattern to Beware the Mighty Baneling is available over on Ch’tite Geekette, and thankyou to Fanny for making her wonderful pattern free.

Baneling Amig

Eldar Wraithlord Cross Stitch (Pattern)

Pattern for an Eldar Wraithlord from Warhammer 40k. This is the first pattern I ever made, and I’m pretty happy with it. The colours and designs do not belong to a specific Craftworld, but hopefully the pattern can be easily adjusted to suit specific ones.