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Enderman Amigurumi

I made this one for my brother, who loves all things Minecraft. It is based on the Red Devil pattern but made with black (obviously).


The eyes I had to improvise and are as follows:

  • With purple magic circle 6. Join and tie off
    • You will now have 6 loops to work with
  • With pink tie on to circle (in loop 1):
    • ch 3 for height.
    • In same stitch do a triple crochet
    • InĀ  next stitch (loop 2) triple crochet,
    • Then chain 3 and tie off in the same stitch (loop 2)
  • With pink again do the same in loops 4 and 5 of the purple.

This gives the effect of three pixel blocks pink-purple-pink. It strikes me that I should probably learn how to read those patterns that are all lines, circles and crosses for this sort of thing.