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Sea Slug Amigurumi (Pattern)

Sea slugs can be remarkably beautiful creatures, with bright colours and complex patterns. This little guy is not a specific type of sea slug, but more an experiment with hyperbolic crochet, a style I recently discovered. He will probably get some form of googly eyes, when I find some that suit.


Hyperbolic crochet can be used to make some amazing designs and also to study the structure of the universe and express mathematical concepts. It also makes amazing coral, and I encourage people to have a look at the Crochet Coral Reef project.

This pattern took me a few hours to design. I am happy for people to use the pattern for themselves (hence releasing it for free) but please credit me if you do. Please do not sell this pattern, and please do not post the pattern directly on your blog/site/etc, but link back to my blog:

PDF of pattern: SeaSlug_Pyper_StrangenessIsConserved


  • Black yarn (or whatever colour you want the body)
  • Several shades of blue (or whatever colour gradient you want)
  • Stuffing
  • Hook, scissors, needles etc.


  • I join my rounds, and count the chain starting each row as a stitch.
  • If working in a spiral replace any chains with stitches
  • ch: chain
  • sc: Single crochet
  • inc: 2 stitches in one base loop. sc-inc would be increase using sc
  • dec: stitch two base loops together. dc-dec would use dc

There are several different stitch naming conventions. I use sc as:

  • hook through next base loop
  • yarn over and pull through base loop
  • yarn over and pull through first loop on hook
  • yarn over and pull through both loops on hook



In black:

0. ch 20
1. In third loop from end sc x 2, Along chain sc x1 in each loop, In last loop sc x 6, Rotate, sc x 1 in each loop back along chain, sc x 3 in final loop and join [48]
2. sc around, inc x 3 at each end (space out around end) [54]
3. sc around, inc x 3 at each end (space out around end) [60]
4-6. sc around, inc x 1 at each end [62][64][66]
7. In Back Loops Only sc around, dec x1 at each end [64]
8-9. Sc around, dec x 1 at each end [62][60]
10-12. Sc around, dec x 3 at each end (space out around end) [54][48][42]

Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing

To finish off start sewing the body together starting at one end. I used a whip stitch and kept the stitches on either side of the seam opposite each other. At the ends you may need to be slightly creative with your stitching to turn the corner into a neat join. Sew most of the seam together, and stuff before you reach the end. Then finish sewing.



To start tie on your inner (in my case darkest) colour to the front loops of row 6-7 that are left sticking out. These loops will form the base for your ruffle

  1. [sc x 1, inc x 1] around the body
  2. Next colour: [sc x 1, inc x 1] around
  3. Repeat until frilled to your liking

This repeating block quickly gave a very ruffled ruffle, so you may wish to try different patterns, such as [sc x 2, in x 1] to get a less frilly edge if desired.